Independent Insurance Agent vs. Captive Agents

There are two primary types of Insurance Agents, ‘Captive” and Independent. “Captive” agents are employees of one insurance company and can only write policies for that company, so they are limited on what they can offer. Basically, they work for that company and look out for what is best for the company.

Independent Insurance Agents, however, work for YOU. They have access to a variety of reputable national and local providers but are no way tied to one company. They look out for what is best for you, not the company. This gives them the flexibility to offer a broader range of options at highly competitive prices.

We Offer Multiple Choices

As an Independent Agent, we represent several companies. Which means we really work for YOU; not one particular Insurance Company. The main advantage of this is greater selection. Think of it like shopping, it's easier to find something to fit when the store has several different styles and brands to choose from. Insurance is the same way.

One company may be the best option for one person but not the next. We find that the premiums and coverage options differ greatly between our companies for the same person. Everyone's situation is different – from the type of car you drive, the home you live in, to the type of business you may have. One company may provide better coverage for you than another, and it's our job to use our years of Insurance knowledge to find out which company that is.

Our Customization & Time Saving Abilities

Do you have more than one of the following? House, car, boat, business, condo, airplane, or valuables like jewelry? Using an agency means you don't have to spend your time finding out which company has the best insurance for each part of your life... we do that for you! And instead of dealing with multiple companies on your own, you get just one agency that covers it all. Our complete coverage also eliminates duplicate and unnecessary coverage and helps assure you won't be under or over insured.


Don't understand all the insurance jargon? That's what your agent is for! Don't know if you really need a particular coverage? That's what your agent is for! Did the unthinkable happen and you need someone that's on your side? That's what your agent is for! Get the picture?

You not only get more for your money, you enjoy the convenience and expertise of a single agency managing all your insurance needs. The bottom line is that we are here to help. We want nothing more than to help protect your family and/or business.

As an agency, it's our job to do the shopping for you! We get quotes from numerous companies to make sure that you have the best coverage possible. Check out the companies we represent at our Partners page.

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